Wednesday 21 March 2018

Trucker drives home message of contempt

Colin Bartley

A city centre ground to a halt when one disgruntled taxpayer left his cement truck right outside the doors of a branch of Anglo Irish Bank.

The man jumped out of the truck after parking it on Forster Street in Galway, then left the engine running and locked the doors.

Slogans plastered across the truck included 'Anglo Toxic Bank' and '500K for golf' -- in reference to a review that found €208,000 was spent on golf balls and €218,000 on golf umbrellas over a three-year period.

The registration plates had been changed and had the simple slogan 'Bankrupt' emblazoned on them.

The business name over the cab had been covered up in red paint.

Gardai were quickly on the scene and tried to persuade the man to remove the truck but he refused for a time.

Galway City Council workers then arrived along with a pick-up truck.

Eventually two men gained access to the cement mixer and after roughly two hours of being parked on the street, it was driven away.

It was then impounded by the gardai.

The man's details were taken at the scene. A garda spokesman confirmed they had not pressed any charges and were checking out the documentation of the cement truck.

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