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Truck driver scarred for life after horror attack that was case of mistaken identity

A POLISH truck driver who had acid thrown in his face has regained his eyesight, but will be left scarred for life following the horrific incident.

Father-of-two Sylvester Wnukowicz (33) was last month standing outside his home in Tyrrelstown, Dublin, when he was attacked in an apparent case of mistaken identity.

At around 6am, a man in his 30s or 40s, who looked Asian, asked Mr Wnukowicz where a neighbour's house was and then threw acid in his face.

Gardai have continued to investigate the incident but have yet to identify the assailant.

Mr Wnukowicz was placed in an induced coma in the intensive care unit at St James's Hospital in Dublin, as doctors tried to determine if he was permanently blinded in the attack.

There were fears that Mr Wnukowicz would lose his driving career as a result of the assault, but luckily he regained the sight in both his eyes while in hospital.

He also underwent a skin graft procedure on his neck to repair the damage done by the acid.

His colleagues at Master Link Logistics in Ballycoolin, Dublin, are relieved that the driver is on the mend.

Richie Fay, transport supervisor, told the Irish Independent: "He's had a skin graft on his neck so he can't really turn his head and he can't work at the moment.

"You would know that he was badly burned and he'll have a scar on his neck," he added.

Mr Fay said that because his colleague's sight had returned he was sure he would be able to return to work in the future.

However, when he can return to driving is a decision that has been left to his doctors.

Mr Wnukowicz spent five weeks in hospital before returning home to his wife Magdalena, and their two children, Marcelina (5) and Maciej (2), just over a week ago.

Magdalena was on her way home after working a nightshift in Superquinn, Blanchardstown, when the attack happened.

Gardai believe that the liquid was not car battery acid and more likely a substance that could be bought at a DIY store.

Anyone with information on the attack has been asked to contact Blanchardstown garda station on 01 666 7000.

Irish Independent