Monday 23 October 2017

Triplets thriving after emergency dash to hospital

Louise Hogan

Louise Hogan

THE country's 'snow babies' were sleeping snugly in their incubators yesterday, oblivious to the sub-zero temperatures outside.

The delighted mother of the triplets -- Aaron, Finn and Ryan Hayden Freeman -- reported they were "thriving" after her treacherous dash along the icy roads to deliver them.

Mandy (37) and her husband John (32) will have a dramatic tale to tell at future birthdays after emergency services came to their rescue to help them make the 25-mile trek from their home to Wexford General Hospital.

She praised the emergency services yesterday after the couple called for help when Mandy went into labour at 5am on Wednesday.

Despite the treacherous roads, one of the ambulances among the fleet of vehicles and midwives dispatched managed to reach their home near Kiltealy outside Enniscorthy, Co Wexford.

The babies were delivered around 30 minutes after the ambulance rolled into the hospital at 8.15am.


"They are still in the special care unit; they are nice and warm. They are still attached to drips but are thriving. They will be let home in four or five weeks. I'll get out at some stage next week and I'll come up and down every day to visit them," said Mandy.

"Something like this could only happen to me," she quipped. "I had a feeling myself I wasn't going to make it to full-term."

Her husband John braved the roads to visit yesterday, while their daughter Chloe, who turns nine next week, is delighted with her siblings.

The babies arrived early, at 32 weeks, with Aaron weighing 4lb 4oz, Ryan 4lb 1oz and Finn the smallest at 3lb 15oz.

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