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Trio unable to resist siren call of adventure

IT'S such a rocky road to Poznan perhaps bringing an ambulance is not a bad idea.

Fail to prepare, and all that.

Three fans have rescued an old airport ambulance destined for the scrapheap and will set out to drive it to Poland, starting on Thursday.

Fergal Mannion, Brendan Johnston and Eoghan Mullooly have converted the disused ambulance from Knock Airport and will take turns stretching out in the back on the long road from the west of Ireland to eastern Europe.

"It was Brendan who came up with the idea," said Fergal, who comes from Tubbercurry in Co Sligo.

"He is an electrician and does some work in Knock Airport and he heard about the old ambulance that was sitting idle. It is in fairly good nick.

"There are 300,000 miles on the clock already, so we reckon what is another couple of thousand?"

The ambulance needed some major revamping to make it ready for the long trip into mainland Europe, but Fergal is delighted the way it has turned out.

"We did a good bit of work on it, we stripped it out, put in beds, a table and a cooker and we just got the all-important fridge installed so we are ready for the road.

"We sprayed it white but we have put green and gold stickers on it to make it look the part for the trip.

"And fair play to Mickey Macs Pub in Tubbercurry, they helped us out with a bit of sponsorship and we'd be going nowhere without them."

The trio have tickets for two of the games in the bag already but they are on the lookout for tickets to the Spain game on June 14 in Gdansk.

Irish Independent