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Trinity students win Jailbreak challenge 2017 raising almost €3k for charity


Liam Cronin and Mark Perham winners of Jailbreak 2017

Liam Cronin and Mark Perham winners of Jailbreak 2017

Liam Cronin and Mark Perham winners of Jailbreak 2017

Two Trinity College Dubllin students have won the Jailbreak 2017 challenge.

Liam Cronin and Mark Perham reached the final destination of The Cesta tower, San Marino at 5.53pm Italian time on Sunday having set off from Dublin, at 9am on Saturday morning.

In teams of two, the students had 36 hours to travel to a mystery location somewhere in the world without spending any of their own money. The students were given a series of clues which led them to a mystery location.

Liam and Mark, second year students at Trinity College Dublin, were Jailbreak 2017’s top fundraisers, raising €2,720 between them.

They also embraced the bilingual spirit of this year’s event, which saw Trinity’s An Cumann Gaelach take an organisational role.

Jailbreak is Ireland’s largest student-run charity challenge. Over the past five years, Jailbreak has raised €165,000 which are equally split between the two partner charities: Amnesty International and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

“I’d like to offer my congratulations to both Liam and Mark on winning this year’s Jailbreak adventure race. It’s a wonderful achievement for them and their university, and a credit to the students who have worked so hard to make this race possible,” said Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland.

Grainne Lee, SVP National Youth Committee Chair, also congratulated the boys.

“Congratulations to Liam and Mark on winning this year’s Jailbreak. As well as managing to reach San Marino, they have raised vital funds to help SVP in our work and crucial awareness as to the social justice issues faced by many of our most vulnerable members of society."

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