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Trimming the fat across Europe

• FRANCE: It imposed a sugar tax last year, putting an extra 2c on the price of a typical can of soft drink.

Half the tax is going to the state health insurance pot to help combat obesity, while the other half is being used to reduce costs related to agricultural workers.

• HUNGARY: Since September last year, Hungarians pay a 10 forint (€ 0.037) tax on foods with high fat, sugar and salt content, as well as increased tariffs on soft drinks and alcohol.

The proceeds go towards state healthcare costs, including those associated with addressing the country's 18.8pc obesity rate; the EU average is 15.5pc.

• DENMARK: Introduced a tax in October 2011 on food containing more than 2.3pc saturated fat. This was set at 16 kroner (€2.15) per kg of saturated fat.

But Denmark is to scrap the tax, after it failed to change dietary habits.

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