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Tributes to Chermaine

Jazmin Hudziak: "It would be impossible to put into words the loss that I am feeling and the emptiness in my heart.

"Anyone who knew Chermaine would knew how beautiful her soul was, both inside and out.

"She always saw the best in everyone, one of the best things about her was that she never took anyone or anything for granted.

"She was always so thankful for any gesture and she was also a great role model - she was one in a million."

Annie Dempsey: "I had the honour to be her best friend along with Dayna, there was three of us in it.

"Chermaine loved life and she was the most bubbly person. She had a beautiful soul, full of generosity and kindness.

"She is watching over Dayna, Aisling and Gemma."

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