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Tributes to 'a towering intellect'

LOUIS McRedmond was a historian, a journalist, a writer, a speaker and a man of deep faith.

But during his distinguished media career, in print and broadcasting, the former Irish Independent editor always maintained a humble outlook amid his "towering intellect", mourners at his funeral mass were told yesterday.

Figures from the media and the church gathered to pay their final respects to the man described as one of the most outstanding journalists of his generation.

Mr McRedmond died earlier this week aged 78.

At the mass in Holy Cross Church in Dundrum, south Dublin, Fr Conor Harper said he was "a gentleman and a scholar" who had sound Christian values and who held his family as his "great treasure" in life, a life during which he influenced many of his generation.

"He was a man of reform. He was a man of Vatican two. He was a man who loved the inclusive church where nobody was excluded."

David McRedmond, chief executive of TV3, said his parents had a "marriage of minds".

His father had a "towering intellect" and many letters the family received over the past few days paid tribute to his humility.

''This was by any measure, a major life. It was not a claim that he would have been happy [with]," Mr McRedmond told the congregation.

"He would simply say he lived his life as he intended. Right up to the last day, he remained true to his faith."

The attendance included broadcaster Matt Cooper, retired bishop Willie Walsh, author Tim Pat Coogan, outgoing RTE director general Cathal Goan and broadcaster Vincent Browne.

Also present were deputy managing editor of Independent Newspapers, Frank Coughlan, and a number of executives from TV3.

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