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Tribunal to pay legal costs of Lawlor's widow

THE Mahon Tribunal will have to pay legal costs estimated at more than €250,000 incurred by the late Liam Lawlor's widow Hazel.

Last November, the Supreme Court ruled the FF TD's estate and his widow, Hazel Lawlor, were not liable for judgment mortgages obtained in 2002 and 2004 by the tribunal against lands in Lucan. Mrs Lawlor in July 2008 secured a High Court ruling to the effect that the Lawlors' joint tenancy was not severed as a result of the death of Mr Lawlor in a car crash in Moscow in October 2005.

Therefore, Mrs Lawlor was the sole owner of the Lucan lands by right of survivorship, and the lands were free from judgment mortgages.

The Mahon Tribunal appealed against that ruling to the Supreme Court, which has unanimously dismissed the appeal.

Irish Independent