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Tribunal chairman goes back to day job

THE chairman of the Moriarty Tribunal is going back to his day job.

The Irish Independent has learned that Mr Justice Michael Moriarty will return to work on Monday morning after 14 years at Dublin Castle chairing the marathon payments-to-politicians inquiry.

Mr Justice Moriarty will return to the High Court, sitting in Galway, where he will oversee that region's personal injuries list.

It is not known how long he will be on circuit in Galway, but he will be reassigned to ordinary duties by High Court president Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns when he is finished.

He is then expected to return to the Four Courts in Dublin, where legal sources say he will be "welcomed with open arms".

High Court judges are routinely sent "on circuit" to regions such as Cork, Galway, Donegal, Kilkenny and Limerick to cover provincial lists, which typically last up to three weeks at a time, depending on the number of cases pending.

During the tribunal, Mr Justice Moriarty (64) was paid the salary of a High Court judge -- which is currently €243,080 a year.

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