Monday 18 December 2017

Treat for skygazers as eclipse to turn moon red

Lynne Kelleher

SKYGAZERS have been urged to watch out for a red moon rising tomorrow night as an unusual lunar eclipse takes place over Ireland.

The extremely rare sight of a coppery moon high in the sky as the sun is setting should be visible at 10pm.

As well as being beautiful and eerie, the next eclipse of the moon won't happen for another four years.

Chairman of Astronomy Ireland David Moore said it would be one of the most beautiful visions in nature.

"I've seen lots of eclipses over the years but I've never seen an eclipsed moon rising as the sun is setting.

"Usually eclipses like this happen high above the horizon, but this one is extra special as the moon will creep up over the horizon already eclipsed."

It will be a race against time for eager skywatchers as the moon will be coming out of its full eclipse about 12 minutes after the sky gets dark.

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