Friday 19 January 2018

Traveller body warns 'don’t do it again' as road race clip goes viral reporters

A SPOKESPERSON for a Travellers' organisation has issued a stark warning to members of the community involved in a dangerous road race: ‘Don’t do it again’.

Ben Archibald of Pavee Point Travellers Centre said the ‘sulky’ race on the main Cork to Mallow road was ‘reckless’ and put hundreds of lives at risk.

“Sulky racing is a long standing tradition in Traveller culture but it can take place in a safe environment. What we saw was a serious risk to life and there’s nothing cultural about that,” he said on RTE’S Morning Ireland radio show.

Condemning the race which he described as ‘senseless’ and a potential risk to life, Mr Archibald called for all parties to come together to reconcile the Traveller tradition of road racing and respect for the law of the land.

He was speaking after a video of what is known as a “sulky race”, in Cork emerged on YouTube.

The clip, which has gone viral, shows a race between two horses and carriages on the main Cork to Mallow road in heavy traffic last Saturday morning.

Drivers were forced to swerve dangerously and take to the hard shoulder when the road became a racetrack.

Mr Archibald called on Traveller groups, gardaí and local authorities to come together to find a resolution which, he says, will “respect both traveller culture and the law of the land”.

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