Transgender employees offered support package worth up to €33,400 at software multinational Salesforce

Salesforce chief executive Marc Benioff

Anne-Marie Walsh

WORKERS at a major tech multinational undergoing transgender surgery and treatments will be entitled to financial support worth up to €33,400.

Software company Salesforce is rolling out a package of benefits that will be available to its workforce of over 2,400 employees in Ireland and across the globe.

It said in a statement today that its new gender inclusive benefits will empower trans and gender nonconforming employees to “live their truth and provide critical financial and emotional support on their journey to their authentic selves”.

It includes a gender affirmation medical reimbursement, which is financial support for workers going through gender affirmation medical procedures and treatments.

This includes “comprehensive” coverage for surgeries, prescription drugs and hormonal therapy.

It said a wardrobe reimbursement payment of up to €418 will be available for those changing their gender to help them look and feel their best.

Up to €835 will be made available to cover the cost of legally confirming their gender and updating IDs issued by the government.

"At Salesforce, equality is a core value and we’re redefining how we support our employees with inclusion at the centre,” said Terri Moloney, senior director of employee success.

“We’re working hard to build a culture where everyone feels empowered to live a life that makes them feel authentic and proud.

"This is a global benefit available to all employees from today, and the lifetime maximum medical reimbursement is €33,400 in Ireland."

The package was developed with its LGBTQ+ employee resource group after surgery reimbursements were initially provided in the US.

The package also includes four weeks of paid gender affirmation leave after medical procedures, a ‘warmline support’ advocacy programme the company says offers staff “confidential conversations”, and counselling services for employees and their loved ones.

US-based Salesforce, where Marc Benioff is the chief executive, provides customer relationship management services to businesses.