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Transfusion service diagnosed dad's kidney disease

A father of four discovered he was in the early stages of kidney failure after giving blood.

Peter Moore (56) had just received his gold pin to mark donating 50 pints of blood, but after donating his 51st he got a call from the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) to say he should visit his GP.

"I felt okay, but it turned out I had the start of kidney disease and I was referred to a consultant," said Mr Moore, who spoke while receiving dialysis at his home in Lusk, Co Dublin.

Mr Moore learned in 2001 that he had glomerulonephritis, a renal disease.


"One in 5,000 people get it, this came out of the blue for me," he said. "In 2007 we found out I had it in both kidneys – I was quite sick and put on emergency dialysis. It has taken 10 years, but my kidneys have now stopped working."

Mr Moore spends four hours every second day attached to a home dialysis machine that he and his wife, Deirdre, were trained to use.

He is one of 350 people waiting for kidney transplants, and one of 1,700 who are on dialysis nationwide, but this has not stopped the Moore family from planning a fun day at their home to raise funds for the Irish Kidney Association (IKA).

"They've been a great support to us – they've been there for us no matter what we were going through," said Mrs Moore.

IKA national project manager Colin White said: "The success of the IKA is built on the efforts and support of people such as the Moore family.

"We are a patient-driven organisation, and it is grassroots events like the fun day that provide us with the essential funds to carry on. Their efforts will not only raise funds – the event will raise awareness of the importance of organ donation."

Mr Moore believes that if he had not been a blood donor he would "probably have got sick one day and found out that way".

The fun day is on May 11 at the family business, Nature's Decor in Oberstown, Lusk, from 2pm to 6pm. Information at www.ika.ie/fundraising.

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