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Tradition of Blaney name to carry on

A SURPRISE eleventh hour move has ensured that an 80-year-old traditional will be preserved and the Blaney name will be on the ballot paper in Donegal North East.

Dublin based IT consultant, Dara Blaney (40), counts among his earliest childhood memories falling asleep in his father's car outside Leinster House and canvassing in the remote constituency. He is a son of the late Neil T Blaney who founded Independent Fianna Fail after being expelled from the party in 1972 following the Arms Trial. He was returned to the Dail eight times.

But Dara insisted yesterday that it was not a vanity exercise for the Blaney name.

"There is a great tradition of electing independents in Donegal like my father. He always had the interests of the people at heart.

He joins his brother Eamon, a candidate in Dublin North East and a collective of 19 independent candidates called "New Vision" .

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