Sunday 25 August 2019

Toy products recalled over safety concern after they are found to contain a dangerous chemical

Callum Lavery

Two toy products have been recalled from Irish shelves after they were found to contain high levels of a dangerous chemical.

Toy suppliers Tobar Group Trading Limited, have voluntarily recalled their products, 'Magic Poo' and 'Unicorn Magic Poo' as they contain levels of boron above the safe amount.

Tobar have asked everyone to have bought the two products to return them to stores, while the products in stores have been removed from shelves.

The two products, termed as "versatile poop putty" contain large amounts of Boron which can damage the stomach, intestines, liver. kidney and brain if consumed be adults or children.

Over 500 units of the product have so far been sold in Ireland at retailers in Donegal, Dublin, Limerick, Longford and Kerry and at Hanley's Newsagents nationwide.

In a statement, the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission said a refund will be offered on any products affected by the recall.

"Tobar Group Trading Limited is carrying out a voluntary recall of their toy products, ‘Magic Poo’ and ‘Unicorn Magic Poo’," they said.

"The safety concern is that these toy products contains levels of boron in excess of permissible levels.

"Approximately, 528 units of these products have been sold in the Republic of Ireland. The following retailers have stocked these products.

"The model numbers 18977 (Magic Poo) and 27433 (Unicorn Magic Poo) are affected. If your product is detailed above, you should stop using the product immediately and keep it out of the reach of children. Return the product and packaging to the place of purchase.

"The retailer will be aware of the withdrawal from sale and a refund will be offered."

The European Commission said that the The levels of Boron in the children's putty was too high (measured value up to 1300 mg/kg) and that ingestion or contact with an excessive quantity of boron may harm the health of children by damaging their reproductive system.

When contacted for comment a spokesperson for Tobar told that the product had not been "recalled" but was "voluntarily withdrawn" from sale by the supplier, despite the statement given by the CCRC that said the products were recalled.

"The particular product tested was on shelf in Switzerland and picked up by Swiss Trading Standards, Tobar and UK Trading Standards are satisfied that there is no risk at all to public health which is why the product has not been recalled from the consumer.

"The product has a short ‘life’ in that putty and slime are usually thrown away within a short time frame and replaced by the consumer, this means that this particular batch is highly unlikely to be still available in the UK.

"Tobar will always be compliant with all regulations and that is why this has been withdrawn from sale.

"Over 50,000 units of this product have been sold without a single consumer complaint.

"Following a deviation from the formula in the manufacturing factory, a batch  of the product did not meet the EU requirement for Boron. The EU does have a measure for Boron, countries like the U.S. do not. After one batch of the product was found to be non compliant Tobar instigated the withdrawal of all the products from sale, not just the affected batch.  We liaised with our trading standards partners and they were happy for us to take this pro-active approach’."

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