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Town plans memorial for tragic boxer Sutherland

A memorial to Olympic bronze medalist boxer Darren Sutherland is to be erected in his home town Navan.

News of the move was revealed by Navan town mayor Joe Riley, who said "we are very proud of him".

Sutherland (27), nicknamed the Dazzler, was found dead in his south London flat by his promoter Frank Maloney on September 14.

He won a middleweight bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics and was a hot tip to become a future world champion.

Councillors in Navan, Co Meath, unanimously agreed a memorial plaque to the boxer they all knew as a "true gentleman" should be placed in the riverside setting of Andy Brennan Park.

"He is seen as part of Navan. He achieved a lot in his short life," Mr Riley said. "The way that his life ended is very sad, but it cannot overshadow what he achieved."

Mr Riley is to meet with the boxer's parents, Tony and Linda, and the rest of the Sutherland family to discuss details of the design of the memorial, which will be erected some time this year.

Mr Riley said: "This is not just for Darren, but also for his family, friends, the community and for all the people who knew him. Hopefully, this memorial will provide some kind of comfort."

The Andy Brennan Park was felt to be an ideal location for the memorial.

Mr Riley said: "The park adjoins the River Boyne. It is a very intimate park. It is used by families. It is ideal for someone who wanted to go and have a moment of remembrance."

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