Monday 26 February 2018

Town mayor (73) saves son during gang assault in family store

'I was left in A&E with injuries while they were left walk free'

Kathleen O'Sullivan

A 73-year-old town mayor has described how he rescued his son during a gang assault.

Tommy Reilly, Lord Mayor of Navan, Co Meath, managed to pull the gang of five young men off his son Ciaran Reilly during the vicious attack.

However, he said he is "disgraced by gardaí letting the perpetrators walk free."

The attack, that was captured on CCTV, shows Tommy's son Ciaran, who runs Reilly’s Londis in Navan, being repeatedly struck with glass vases and being kicked and punched until being dragged to safety.

The incident occurred on Sunday.

Speaking to about the incident, Tommy Reilly said:

"I was here in the shop for most of the afternoon, as I am now.

"Ciaran came in to get some stuff on Sunday for the kids' lunches for the next day and we had a chat.

Mayor Tommy Reilly (Photo: Gerry Mooney)
Mayor Tommy Reilly (Photo: Gerry Mooney)

"This group of young lads were around. We could tell they were up to no good.

"I got into the car and left. When I was the second car from the traffic lights, I saw the boys in the mirror and saw them starting to attack and I turned back at the roundabout and returned to the shop.

"Within two minutes, these boys had Ciaran on the ground.

"They pulled the shirt over his head and beat him."

While in the shop, Ciaran said he suspected that the two young boys were going to attempt theft so he positioned himself in the middle of the shop.

One of the two boys left and the other went up to Ciaran and challenged him to fight. He told both boys to leave and was then punched by one of them inside the shop.

The other boy then blindsided him and punched him in the jaw from behind.

He described how one of them then picked up a heavy vase from the flower display outside the shop and threw it at him and just missed a woman at the fruit and vegetable section standing behind Ciaran.

"I had to leave the shop because there were customers in there and I needed to ensure their safety. I then went for the guy, and we ended up on the ground and it got worse."

At that stage four more youths, from a group who had been watching the incident, decided to join in and started to kick Ciaran as he was on the pavement.

The boy who started the fight then picked up another vase and continued to hit Ciaran with it.

"They were all encouraging each other, saying ‘come on, come on’," Ciaran said.

It was at this point that Tommy managed to drag Ciaran from the boys.

Gardaí arrived at the scene and Ciaran decided to drive to A&E.

However, within moments, he said he passed the group walking down the road.

He rang Tommy in disbelief, who said that the gardaí only brought the ringleader across the road and then let him go.

"I was left in A&E with injuries while they were left walk free.

"This is just one example of all the anti-social behaviour that exists and this gang are not strangers to it and they are being left get away with it," said Ciaran.

A Garda spokesman said: "Gardaí attended the scene of a suspected assault incident at Abbeylands, Navan shortly after 9pm on June 18, 2017.

"A male aged in his 40s sustained injuries during the incident. Gardaí are following a definite line of enquiry."

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