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Tourist town to combat rain by 'building roof' over streets

THE country's top tourist town is devising an innovative way to combat the notorious Irish weather.

A plan is being examined to place an artificial roof over entire streets in Killarney, Co Kerry, to allow locals and visitors to shop in the rain and to entice more outdoor cultural events. Local engineer Paudie O'Mahoney has devised a clever and cost-effective way to cover footpaths and large sections of streets with a heavy-duty tent-like canvas.

He sprang into action when it was confirmed that Killarney had the third-highest rainfall in Europe and twice the average rainfall of Dublin.

"This canopy cover system could be introduced on a trial basis in a laneway or even on one of the main streets and I can see it taking off all over the country in a very short space of time," said Mr O'Mahoney.

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