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Tourism Ireland launch Olympic campaign to attract Londoners

Tourism Ireland today launched a new €500,000 marketing initiative encouraging Londoners to visit Ireland during the Olympic Games next month.

The ‘Escape the Madness’ campaign is aimed at making Ireland the ideal destination for Londoners seeking to avoid the increased difficulty of travelling in the city during the games.

The scheme will publicise Ireland as the place to get away from it all and will be directed at the 8m population of the city.

Minister of state for Tourism Michael Ring said this morning that around 80m extra journeys will be taken on the London Underground and that Londoners will find life very difficult for the weeks the games are on. He said that the campaign would promote Ireland as a hassle-free destination.

“We have everything to offer and many, many things to do. Aer Lingus are also putting on attractive prices to encourage people to come.

“It’s an opportunity for Ireland to gain from what’s happening in London.”

More than 200 large advertisements will be shown at different Tube stations targeting commuters during rush hour and highlighting Ireland’s open spaces and lack of congestion.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter is also being used to publicise the campaign.