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Top tips to make the most of your stay

• A tip of around 10pc is expected in restaurants.

• When arriving into an airport or train station do not take a taxi from a tout inside. To avoid being overcharged book through one of the official offices inside the building.

• Get a European Health Insurance Card before you travel as it will cover the cost of emergency medical treatment.

• Beware of pickpockets.

• Big screens for the games will only be erected in the official 'Carlsberg Fan Zones' in city centres. Entrance will be free but will be limited depending on the size of the site -- most will cater for 30,000.

• Some shops will accept euros.

• Parking for camper vans is going to be an issue and fans are advised to book a space before travelling. There is no specific site for camper vans in Gdansk at this time.

• Under local law you must carry ID.

• There is zero tolerance to drink driving and you will be jailed for a number of days if caught.

• The price of alcohol in bars is expected to rise between now and June.

• Polish pints are served in 0.5ltr glasses so the beer is not quite filled to the top.

• People who are drunk and disorientated will be brought to the 'drunk tank' at the police station for their own safety. They will have to pay a small fine -- around €25 -- for their 'stay'.

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