Saturday 25 January 2020

Top study tips

Top study tips

1 Attend the induction/orientation

2 Turn up to lectures and tutorials

3 One hour timetabled requirement generally equates to an additional two hours of your own input

4 Get to know your tutor - they can help you with problems settling in or point you in the right direction

5 Submit everything you have to submit. It might be only 5 or 10pc of the module, but you may not proceed to second year without it

6 If you are having doubts, talk to someone. All universities and colleges are now well-equipped with careers, counselling, and retention officers

7 Engage with your programme, other students and your lecturing team. Create allies

8 If you have personal circumstances (bereavement etc.), special needs or a learning disability, make sure you get registered early. It will be considered in your results

9 Love your librarian

10 Enjoy!All of the above are important in a successful
academic transition, but they will also contribute to ensuring the college experience will stand to you and stay with you

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