Saturday 23 March 2019

Top businesswoman angry at 'massage parlour' sex industry

EXCELLENT REPUTATION: Yi Yun Chen of NatureCare in Stillorgan
EXCELLENT REPUTATION: Yi Yun Chen of NatureCare in Stillorgan

A leading Chinese businesswoman in Ireland said yesterday how ashamed and upset she was to read in last weekend's newspapers that a small number of Chinese people have set up massage parlours as a front for the provision of sexual services.

She says these operations give respectable businesses in the medicinal and massage areas "a bad name".

Yi Yun Chen, whose company, Lindachen, runs the successful NatureCare outlet in the Stillorgan Shopping Centre, in Dublin, was reacting to our report last weekend of a ring of Chinese massage parlours, offering sexual services, which are being investigated by the gardai.

Ms Chen said: "I run a very professional business with an excellent reputation and I am very unhappy that other members of the Chinese community in Ireland are giving us a bad name.

"I have many Chinese friends who are very happy here in Ireland and I know they feel exactly the same."

Her company has been providing traditional Chinese medical services, including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and remedies, reflexology, moxibustion, allergy testing and other traditional medical services. including massage, for the last six months.

"The business has developed very well and I have many clients who, I am pleased to say, appear to be very happy with me. Most of them are regular clients and often come back to me for further treatment."

This, she says, is why she was "horrified" to read about the so-called massage parlours and their illegal services.

"I am very happy that the Sunday Independent has given me this opportunity to confirm that neither I, nor anyone else in my business, has anything to do with these illegal operations."

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