Sunday 15 December 2019

Top 20 law firms have fifth of all solicitors

Judges with statue book and Justice
Judges with statue book and Justice

Gordon Deegan

THE number of solicitors employed at the country's top 20 legal firms grew by 7pc last year, confirming a strong year for the country's largest legal practices.

However, the Law Society said that despite the firms taking on an extra 127 solicitors, many firms around the country are continuing to struggle.

According to figures collated by the society, the top 20 firms represent only 1pc of the country's law firms but employ 22pc of the country's solicitors.

Figures published in the 'Law Society Gazette' show that the top 20 firms employ 1,983 of the 8,947 solicitors in possession of practice certificates at the end of last year.

However, the director general of the Law Society, Ken Murphy, said that the 20 largest firms operate "in a completely different market from the other 99pc of firms."

Mr Murphy pointed out that 18 of the 20 firms are Dublin-based where it is universally recognised that the economic recovery has taken place to a larger extent than outside the capital.

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