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Toddler almost dies after blinds accident

A CHILD has been hospitalised following an accident at his home where he got entangled in the cord from a blind.

The 23-month-old toddler was airlifted to Our Lady's Children Hospital in Dublin on Monday evening.

He had spent the previous 24 hours in the intensive care unit of Kerry General Hospital.

It is understood that the little boy, who is from Tralee, almost choked to death when he became entangled in the cord of the blind at his home on Sunday.

Last night Crumlin Children's Hospital declined to comment on the toddler's condition.

Window cords have claimed the lives of a large number of children worldwide.

In March 2009 a little boy died after getting caught up in a blind cord in Cork. Almost one year later a similar accident claimed the life of another child in Kilkenny.

Irish Independent