Monday 20 January 2020


BP Fallon, music critic/photographer/DJ, is 68. Stephen Fry, actor and comedian, is 57. Steve Guttenberg, actor, is 56. Sam Torrance, Scottish golfer, is 61. Rupert Grint, actor who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films, is 26. Paulo Coelho, author, is 67. Dave Chappelle, comedian, is 41. Jean Michel Jarre, French composer, is 66.


Martin Amis, novelist, is 65. Elvis Costello, singer-songwriter, is 60. Sean Connery, actor, is 84. Claudia Schiffer, supermodel, is 44. Billy Ray Cyrus, country musician and father of Miley, is 53. Alexandra Burke, pop singer, is 26. Gene Simmons, Kiss frontman and reality TV star, is 65. Frederick Forsyth, author and Sunday Independent contributor, is 76. Conrad Black, former media tycoon and convicted fraudster, is 70.


Macaulay Culkin, child star of Home Alone, is 34. Shirley Manson, lead singer of rock band Garbage, is 48. Amanda Schull, American actress, is 36. Ben Bradlee, former Washington Post executive editor, is 93. Melissa McCarthy, actress who starred in Bridesmaids, is 44.


Bernhard Langer, German champion golfer, is 57. Paul Reubens, actor, most famous for his character Pee-Wee Herman, is 62. Glen Matlock, original Sex Pistols bassist, is 58. Jeff Kenna, former Irish footballer, is 44. Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad actor, is 35. Cesar Millan, Dog whisperer, is 45. Dietmar Hamann, German former footballer-turned RTE pundit, is 41.


Jason Priestley, actor who starred in Beverly Hills 90210, is 45. Shania Twain, country pop singer, is 49. Jack Black, comic movie star, is 45. LeAnn Rimes, singer, is 32. David Soul, actor/singer star of Starsky & Hutch, is 71. Florence Welch, singer of Florence + the Machine, is 28.


Dick Spring, former Labour Party leader, is 64. Richard Attenborough, legendary British film actor, director and producer, is 91. Joel Schumacher, director of the film Veronica Guerin, is 75. Lenny Henry, British comedian, is 56. Elliott Gould, actor, and one-time husband of Barbra Streisand, is 76. John McCain, former US presidential candidate, is 78. Liam Payne, One Direction singer, is 21.


Cameron Diaz, actress, is 42. Dana Rosemary Scallon, Ireland's first Eurovision Song Contest winner and former presidential candidate, is 63. Andy Roddick, retired tennis player, is 32. Warren Buffett, most successful investor in the world, is 84. Donnacha O'Dea, Irish poker player, is 66. Mark Strong, English actor, is 52. Robert Crumb, cartoonist and musician, is 71.


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