Sunday 18 November 2018

To the Star and beyond

If Joe O'Shea got his first career choice he would have ended up in uniform instead of on television.

He originally wanted to join the defence forces -- but was dealt a crushing blow when his results and eye-sight failed to make the grade.

Joe, co-presenter of popular daytime TV programme 'Seoige and O'Shea' says that in reality it was the best thing that ever happened to him. It allowed him to explore other options and eventually find his true vocation as a journalist.

"My big ambition was to get a cadetship in the defence forces but at the time you needed honours in maths and a science subject," says Joe who recently appeared on 'Charity You're a Star'.

"I took physics but I was terrible at it and didn't get the honour. I was really upset. All I ever wanted to do was to go into the Army. I went back and repeated but during that time I took an eye test for the cadetship and failed it."

Devastated by the test results, he concentrated on his studies and managed to get an A in English -- a result which put him on the path towards his true vocation.

"I got enough points to get into English Literature in Trinity and everyone was delighted. It was a big deal to get into such a prestigious college.

"But during that time I got an interview for the Rathmines Journalism course, which was really hard to get into and I took that instead."

For Joe, however, fate had other plans and when the chance of a lifetime was presented in the form of a placement at The Star newspaper he jumped at the prospect. It was all the way up from there.

"For anyone who is feeling upset by what they've been offered, they should just look at my story. You don't have to go the traditional route. You will make it in the end."

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