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Thursday 14 November 2019

Tánaiste on proposed left-wing pact: Some parties have already 'fallen out before they got to the altar'

Tánaiste Joan Burton
Tánaiste Joan Burton

Daniel McConnell, Group Political Correspondent

Tanaiste Joan Burton has played down the significance of a new proposed left-wing pact, saying some of the parties have already "fallen out before they got to the altar."

Speaking at a senior citizens' event in Swords, North Dublin, Ms Burton played down the significance of the proposed voting pact between Sinn Fein and other left-wing parties.

"In terms of what has happened so far, I see that some of the groups are going to transfer and others are going to have anything to do with any of the groups they are in an alliance with today.

So it sounds like even before the parties get to the altar, they have fallen out before they even got into the church, or wherever the unions was going to be celebrated," she said.

"I saw some of the proposals of some of the parties involved before and certainly some of them wanted significant increases in employers' PRSI. In a situation where literally we are trying to get every single person back to work, I wonder to be honest about the wisdom of some of the proposals," she said.

She said the lack of detail from some of the groups as to how they would achieve the stated target of full employments was "frankly disappointing".

It was reported this morning that  Sinn Féin is to enter into a vote transfer arrangement with parties and Independents who have signed up to a left-wing platform, although some will not return the favour by asking their voters to transfer to Gerry Adams’s party.

Reports say that Sinn Féin will announce this week that it has signed up to a number of broad policy principles drafted by those behind the anti-water charges movement and ask its supporters to transfer to others who support the initiative.

Party sources say supporters will be asked to continue their preferences for other parties and Independents who have signed up to the Right2Change policy principles. One source also said Sinn Féin signing up to this approach will create a “new dynamic” for the election.

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