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Tipp school wins appeal against discrimination ruling

A judge has overturned a ruling by the Equality Tribunal that a Clonmel school had discriminated against a Traveller boy.

Judge Thomas Teehan gave his verdict at Clonmel Circuit Court this morning.

The Christian Brothers school was appealing a ruling made last December by the tribunal, which stated that 13-year-old John Stokes had been discriminated against when the Tipperary school refused him a place because he did not have a brother or father who had attended the school.

The tribunal had said that giving priority to those who had a relation who was a past pupil was indirectly discriminating against Travellers, as very few of them attended secondary school.

In a lengthy judgement, Mr Justice Teehan said that the parental rule was legitimate and appropriate, and a necessary step in creating a balanced and proportionate policy.