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Thursday 12 December 2019

Timeline of Dublin hotel shooting as gunmen burst in at weigh-in

The scene of a shooting at the Regency Hotel on the Swords Road this afternoon... Picture Colin Keegan
The scene of a shooting at the Regency Hotel on the Swords Road this afternoon... Picture Colin Keegan

HERE'S how the dramatic gangland shooting at a Dublin hotel unfolded today.

2.05pm: Weigh-in for white-collar boxing event 'Clash of The Clans' - promoted by boxing agency MGM - gets underway in a function room in the Regency Airport Hotel in Drumcondra in North Dublin.

2.25pm: Weigh-in is still underway when a commotion begins in the function room

2.27pm: Man seen leaving front of hotel saying 'It's all kicking off in there'.  One gunshot rings out

2.28pm: Two men - dressed in fake Garda ERU uniform and carrying two AK47 assault rifles - enter the front entrance of the hotel. One man fires a shot as he enters hotel reception

2.29pm: Dozens of men, women and children attempt to flee hotel as gunshots were being fired

2.30pm: One of the two men climb onto the reception desk counter as a bystander cowered down behind the desk. The man fired six or seven shots in the general direction of the lobby.

2.32 - 2.33pm: Two men exit the hotel through the front  entrance, passing an innocent bystander. They then move towards the rear of the hotel. They were then met by accomplices coming from the hotel. A third man is seen dressed in fake Garda ERU uniform and similarly armed with an assault. A man disguised as a woman in a long blonde wig and grey dress meet with these two men. The man disguised as the woman says: "I can't find him. I don't know where he f****** is". One of the other men said: "Get the f*** out of here". Both spoke with Dublin accents. The four climbed into a silver Transit 03 D reg van and drove off towards an estate to the rear of the hotel and did not return.

2.35pm: Children are huddled alongside adults close to the hotel's exterior out of fear that the gunmen will come back.

2.40pm: Gardai arrive at the scene and one man pronounced dead. Two men are rushed to hospital for treatment for gunshot injuries. Gardai seal off the scene and an investigation is underway

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