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Time to lock up your daughters -- the twins have gone and grown up

THE most shocking thing about the new Jedward album glares at you from the cover.

The Grimes twins have ditched their signature quiffs in favour of a generic slicked-down look. That's not the only change.

On their third studio record, John and Edward have contracted an alarming case of 'Bieber fever'.

Soaked in auto-tune and slurpy R&B beats, 'Happens In The Dark' sees the Lucan duo sounding like dead ringers for a certain Canadian pop hobbit. The tune culminates in what are surely the scariest lyrics they've yet sung: "What happens tonight girl, happens in the dark".

A libidinous come-on from Jedward? Have we entered an alternate dimension? (And if so, is there any way back?).

The solitary song to hark back to the 'old Jedward' is stomping Eurovision entry 'What's Your Number' (co- authored by Karen Poole, ex of Alicia's Attic ).

It's a straightforward punk-pop zinger that crackles with the pair's trademark puppy dog energy.

Otherwise, the message 'Young Love' seeks to convey is that Jedward have grown up and are coming for your daughters.

It's a rather terrifying thought.

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