Monday 19 August 2019

Time to disem-bark - cheeky pup 'Hamish' takes a free 28km train trip into the city centre

Irish Rail appeals for owner of dog to come forward

Chasing leads: Sarah Ryan, Iarnród Éireann, with ‘Hamish’, who was found in Heuston Station. His owners have come forward to claim him
Chasing leads: Sarah Ryan, Iarnród Éireann, with ‘Hamish’, who was found in Heuston Station. His owners have come forward to claim him

Ryan Nugent and Sarah Slater

A cheeky pup managed to take a free 28km train journey from Kildare to the city centre all by himself.

Giving a packed train quite the surprise yesterday morning, 'Hamish' hopped onto the commuter train at Sallins at rush hour and travelled all the way to Heuston Station before disembarking.

He took in four stops along the way - and provided fellow passengers with an amusing journey.

Irish Rail is now appealing to the dog's owner to come forward.

Irish Rail spokesman Barry Kenny told the Irish Independent that the dog completely ignored the 'seats are not for feet' sign as he hopped up on one after boarding.

"He entertained a lot of people on the train when he boarded," Mr Kenny said.

Hamish takes a nap after his adventure
Hamish takes a nap after his adventure

The spokesman added that the pup was far from shy as he climbed onto one of the seats almost immediately.

The train taken was the 8.46am service between Sallins and Heuston, which stopped off at Hazelhatch, Adamstown, Clondalkin and Parkwest before reaching its final destination, where the dog decided to disembark.

A passenger brought the pup to the attention of Irish Rail staff who are looking for its owner, with Irish Rail posting a photograph of the puppy on social media to garner some traction and awareness.

"Anyone lost their dog? We have this little fella in Heuston. He was found on the 08:46 Sallins - Heuston. Help us find the owner," they tweeted.

Further images were posted of the dog sleeping soundly in one of the Irish Rail offices at the train station with plenty of comments posted from members of the public who wanted to help.

"As far as we know the dog was on the train alone and was found after disembarking the train by a member of the public," Irish Rail said.

"He was brought to the information by this eagle-eyed person. The little dog is being well looked after by two members of staff, one of whom works in a voluntary capacity with an animal rescue centre."

Following on from his snooze, one of Irish Rail's employees is keeping the dog safe at home and brought the pup to the vet yesterday afternoon.

Though without a microchip, Irish Rail says it still needs to be contacted by the dog's owner.

"A staff member who lives in Sallins has brought the dog to a vet," Mr Kenny said.

"The dog is not microchipped so the need for the owner to come forward remains," he added.

They have since given the dog the temporary name of Hamish, and the friendly pup has been filmed out playing in the fields in Sallins.

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