Tuesday 23 January 2018

Time for airline to sort out problems

Anne-Marie Walsh

Aer Lingus cabin crew are objecting to a roster they claim means they have to work six days on, one off, and then another six.

The airline says this never happens.

IMPACT is painting a picture of weary staff, travelling home in the early hours for a few hours' sleep before they're back on an exhausting flight to San Francisco.

The airline, meanwhile, conjures up images of former semi-state workers used to the best of conditions and who now want another 32 days off.

What is indisputable is that Aer Lingus chief Christoph Mueller has let a situation develop where goodwill between management and staff is a thing of the past.

This is never a good thing when you want to get the best from your workforce, and particularly if they have you over a barrel when it comes to industrial action.

The mere whiff of a strike can send the public into panic mode.

Mr Mueller has been talking about an in-house body to resolve the constant strike threats for weeks.

Given that the row is going on for years, it's slightly odd that he didn't attempt a little fast-tracking.

At this stage, it doesn't really matter whether the cabin crew mount pickets today or not.

Most of the passengers affected have made alternative arrangements. But with more competition on the horizon, it would be advisable for the airline to start sorting out its problems.

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