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Three people questioned by gardaí after video of gang torturing teenager goes viral

Warning: Below details may upset some readers


Three people including a young woman and her twin brother remained in Garda custody last night where they were being questioned about the brutal torture of a 19-year-old Dublin man.

Among the offences the trio are being interviewed about are false imprisonment, sexual assault and assault causing serious harm.

The arrests were made in Co Cavan late on Monday night after a video of the victim's horrific ordeal went viral on social media. The explicit video shows the teenager cowering in fear as he is punched.

He is stripped down to only his boxer shorts with a horrific slash mark across the right side of his face, stretching from almost his hairline to his chin.

The thugs continued to threaten the clearly terrified teenager, accusing him of 'ratting' to gardaí over a drug seizure.

Another video shows him with a blood-stained towel in his hands and bruises to his face and eye.

A later video shows the alleged perpetrator being confronted outside a house and being attacked. He is punched a number of times and abused for his attack on the teenager.

The prime suspect is a 26-year-old man originally from the Finglas area of Dublin who is known to gardaí. He has been arrested over crimes including possessing knives, drug offences and theft.


The teenager was abducted and brought to a house in Cavan last weekend where he was stripped, stabbed and sexually assaulted with an implement.

He sustained a number of attacks over 24 hours, sources said. He was targeted by the gang after he was accused of being a garda 'rat', allegedly informing on his attackers after being arrested in possession of drugs.

The victim was eventually released by his assailants - in a bloodied state - and presented at a Garda station following the attack late last week.

The 19-year-old was immediately transferred to hospital, where he remained last night receiving treatment for his injuries.

The trio were arrested at different locations in Cavan following a major investigation. The siblings in custody are in their 20s and are originally from Dublin.

The suspected ringleader of the attack is from Finglas and is known for his involvement in music gigs.

Underworld sources said the brutal attack had "horrified" gangland figures and there may be "retributions" for those involved, with the alleged main instigator being identified on social media.

According to the thug recording the clip, the attack was carried out because the teenager made an alleged statement against him to gardaí to avoid being charged after he was found in possession of drugs.

The footage also claims that the victim owed €2,000 for drugs to the chief suspect in custody.

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