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Three-legged calf becomes the family pet

A THREE-legged calf born on a farm days ago is destined to become a family pet.

The calf was born on the Vance family farm near Raphoe, Co Donegal, in what is believed to be a one-in-10,000 occurence.

Kenneth Vance, whose family has been farming in the area since the early 1800s, said: "It is not that unusual to hear of abnormalities but this is different.

"Apart from the fact the calf has three legs, it is healthy enough and is feeding alright. We've had to hold it up to feed in the last few days, but now it is starting to move on its own."

The shorthorn cross weighed in at just over 50 kilos, and is missing its front left leg.

"The kids have nicknamed him 'Paul' after a recent alien comedy film that was out in the cinema," Mr Vance said. "We'll probably keep him as pet for the kids."

Irish Independent