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Three is magic number as sisters share birthday

THERE will be triple birthday celebrations at the O'Shea house today -- but the sisters are not triplets.

January 2 marks the date when all three girls were born to parents Stella and Mike O'Shea -- each daughter coming two years apart.

On January 2 last year the family welcomed the latest addition to their family, baby Holly.

Now on the same day that Holly celebrates her first birthday, her older sisters Anna and Georgia turn three and five. All pregnancies were normal and all were natural births for Mrs O'Shea, who lives in Dromin West, Milltown, Co Kerry.

Georgia had kept her parents waiting for 11 days and three-year-old Anna was eight days overdue.

Although Holly was due on St Stephen's Day, the little girl took her time, arriving instead on her sisters' birthday.

Statisticians estimate there's about an eight in one million million chance of such an event happening.

"It's been a hectic year and a bit of a shock to the system with three little girls," Mrs O'Shea told the Irish Independent.

Holly's birth received huge media coverage and the O'Sheas have been enjoying their new celebrity status.

"It was lovely. I hadn't left the house for a few weeks after just having a baby and when I did go out everyone was saying 'we saw you on the telly'."

"We were on holidays in Tory Island during the summer and someone recognised us," Mrs O'Shea added with a laugh.

And today will be a sample of what's to come for the family. For in 2025 they will begin a hectic eight years when they will host three 18th birthday parties and three 21st bashes.

There won't be one year when any of the girls can enjoy a joint 18th and 21st birthday party, meaning six separate celebrations will be needed.

Majella O'Sullivan

Irish Independent