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Three Irishmen in Australia jailed for running dodgy scam damaging elderly people's roofs, then offering to fix them

Three Irishmen in Australia have been jailed for running a dodgy roof repair scam conning elderly people into believing their roofs needed repair.

The scam involved climbing onto and damaging the roofs of houses, then approaching the victims and offering to 'fix' them.

John Jason O'Brien, 18, Thomas Kiely, 19, and Desmond O'Reilly, 23 have now been sentenced in a Perth court to 13 months in jail for O'Brien and eight months each for the other two men.

Some of the elderly people conned in their scam were in their nineties.

One man, who lives in the Perth suburb of Floreat, was duped out of $22,000 (€15,000).

The court heard that the scammers would often drive the victims to the bank to withdraw cash, ABC reports.

The men were charged after police raided their accommodation in Hazlemere and found almost €65,000 (€44,600).

District Court Judge Laurie Levy described the scam as a "sophisticated scheme to defraud and target elderly people".

He also said none of the men were the "driving force" of the scam, as others were also involved.

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