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Three divers saved after dramatic search and rescue off Wexford coast



THREE divers who were taken by the tide more than three miles away  from their dive spot have been rescued off the Wexford coast after a search operation.

The divers were more than an hour and a half late resurfacing when their dive boat skipper called for help at approximately 1.30pm.

They had been diving at the Conningmore rocks, one mile south of the Saltee Islands in Wexford, when they failed to appear.  Conditions were described as good and the sea state was calm.

The search commenced immediately with Kilmore Quay RNLI being joined by the Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 117 from Waterford and two local charter vessels.  The men were quickly spotted by the helicopter crew who in turn alerted the lifeboat to their exact location.

The divers had drifted almost three miles away and had lost contact with the dive boat. 

The lifeboat crew recovered the three men onto the lifeboat. The first was taken onboard with a Jason’s cradle, a piece of lifeboat equipment used to aid recovery of people from the sea. Then the lifeboat crew lowered the stern ramp and threw out a line to pull in the remaining two divers.  They then made their way back to Kilmore Quay harbour.  The men were in good spirits and did not need any medical assistance

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