Wednesday 21 March 2018

Threat to shoot carpark gunman ‘within a week’

Michael Frazer was a close pal of 'Fat' Freddie Thompson
Michael Frazer was a close pal of 'Fat' Freddie Thompson
'Fat' Freddie Thompson

Ken Foy

CLOSE associates of a man who was injured in a gun attack last week have vowed that the gunman behind the botched hit will be shot dead within a week.

Michael Frazer (34) – who was a close pal of gangster ‘Fat' Freddie Thompson – is making a good recovery from his injuries after being discharged from Tallaght Hospital over the weekend.

He was shot in a church car park in Clondalkin last Wednesday evening.

A notorious Clondalkin hitman who is already strongly linked to two gun murders is the chief suspect for the reckless attempted murder.

And gardai have been working on the theory that some of Frazer's former associates ordered the murder.

Now it has emerged that other pals of Frazer are determined to avenge the gun attack and the hitman has gone into hiding.

A source said: “He messed up the shooting in a bad way and Frazer is aware of his identity.

“He moved to shoot Frazer too quickly, he did not wait for him to get out of his car and Frazer ended up surviving. He might now also be under severe pressure from the fellas who ordered the murder because he botched it so badly.

“But it is Frazer's associates who are going around saying that he will be found and shot dead within the week.”

It believed that Frazer may have been lured to the meeting under the pretence of selling a car before the gunman opened fire.

The victim then drove to a nearby garda station where he stumbled in covered in blood.

Frazer is originally from Drimnagh but now lives at the Dolphin House flats complex in south inner city Dublin.

Frazer, who does not have serious criminal convictions, is no stranger to violence.

His family home in Drimnagh has been shot at on a number of occasions and a grenade was even thrown into it in June 2008, causing extensive damage to the property.

Previously Frazer acted as a driver for ‘Fat' Freddie Thompson but it is understood that a row concerning an alleged affair between someone he knows and a woman has caused huge internal tension within the mob.

Gardai believe that the Clondalkin hitman was to be paid a five figure sum to murder Frazer.

In January, the Herald revealed that this hitman, who is aged in his 20s, had formulated a plan to murder four of his criminal rivals in a separate Clondalkin feud on the same night.

The gangster, who is the chief suspect for shooting dead rival mobster Jason Carroll (39) last August, was previously arrested for the unsolved murder of Dean Johnson at Moorfield Avenue, Clondalkin, in May, 2011.

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