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Monday 18 December 2017

Thousands will suffer €30 cut to weekly rate

THE Government's latest assault on pensioners will result in thousands of workers who retire this year suffering a €30 drop in the weekly state pension -- a difference of more than €1,500 over a year.

From September, the pension rate will be cut for those who worked less years.

Recipients of the 'lesser' pension will potentially suffer a weekly payment drop from €225.80 to €196.

The change means those without a full 30 years worth of social insurance contributions won't get the full contributory pension.

The reduced pension now ranges from €225.80 to €115.20 a week, but will be cut by €13 to €30 a week.

Stay-at-home mothers are expected to be most affected.

The 280,000 pensioners currently getting state contributory pensions of up to €230 a week will not be affected. Nor will those currently on means-tested non-contributory pensions of up to €219 a week.

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