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Thousands may lose out on prizes as National Lottery blunder sees wrong number called out

THOUSANDS of people may have lost out on the weekend’s lotto draw after a ‘9’ was mis-read as a ‘6’.

The National lottery has issued a statement confirming the error during the draw for last Saturday’s Lotto plus two.

In order to distinguish between the '9' and '6' ball during the draw, a line is printed at the bottom of each number.

However the statement explains that due to a misprint, the ‘9’ ball had the line drawn on top, meaning it was read as a ‘6’.

Each draw ball has the number printed on it 12 times, and the other 11 numbers on the ball in question had the line drawn on the bottom -confirming the number as a ‘9’.

The National Lottery has said that it will pay out on all winning combinations with both numbers - however as the error was not immediately discovered,  many players may have already disposed of winning tickets.

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