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Friday 20 September 2019

Thousands march in housing protest

Cate McCurry and Alan O'Keeffe

Thousands protested on Dublin in a demonstration organised by the National Homeless and Housing Coalition- a collective that includes unions and homeless support groups calling for better housing conditions.

It took place days after the Housing Department released its homeless figures for October, which now stand at 9,724, an increase of 26 people.

Protesters gathered at the Garden of Remembrance before marching through the city. People Before Profit co-chairperson Tina McVeigh said the homeless figures were "only the sharp edge of the wedge".

Speaking to the crowd, she said: "Behind those figures are tens of thousands of people all over the country that are affected by this crisis.

"The policies of this government do not help the people and they do not build the public homes that we need to house our people.

"Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy and Fine Gael tried to tell us that everything was okay. They talk about the economy and they want us to think we all have highly-paid jobs. They want us to believe that everything is okay. We are saying it's not okay.

"We can't talk about things being okay when there are 3,725 children that will spend this Christmas in emergency accommodation."

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