Friday 20 September 2019

Thousands expected to gather in capital for housing protest

The Raise the Roof protest
The Raise the Roof protest
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

Thousands of people are expected to gather in the capital this afternoon "to put pressure on the government" to take immediate action on the housing crisis.

The protest, organised by the National Homeless and Housing Coalition (NHCC), is due to kick off at the Garden of Remembrance at 2pm.

The NHCC, made up of several campaign groups, are hoping for a turn-out similar to the Raise the Roof rally on October 3.

"After the massive success of the #RaiseTheRoof rally on October 3rd when we had 12,000 on the streets outside Dáil Éireann, the National Homeless and Housing Coalition have called a national demonstration on the housing crisis," they wrote online.

"Huge momentum is building and grass roots groups campaigning, providing front line services and advocating for action on the housing crisis are calling for water style demonstrations to put pressure on the government."

They continued; "We will be on the streets on December 1st to tell the government that we will not be ignored - after October 3rd we got a landlords budget and an abject failure to act on the Dail motion that called for radical action on the crisis, including an accelerated programme of public housing on public land, an additional 1bn euro funding in the budget for housing, an end to evictions from the private sector motivated by profit making, a reduction in rents and to hold a referendum to enshrine the right to a home into the constitution."

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