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Thomas's well-heeled company steps up growth plans

Kathryn Thomas has become one of the most recognisable faces on Irish television in recent years, and the growth in her company's accounts reflects that.

By February 2009 accounts for the Carlow native's company Aquarius Productions showed an aggregate profit of €78,565.

That has swelled over the past two years to €131,406 by 2011. The amount of cash in the comp-any has also grown steadily from zero in 2009 to €42,112 last year.

Already one of the A-list stars at RTE, in recent years Ms Thomas has taken on a number of new assignments, and now presents the makeover show 'Operation Transformation' and the talent contest 'The Voice of Ireland'.

The 33-year-old made her name initially fronting travel show 'No Frontiers' and her star has shone since then.

In May it emerged that a construction business involving her father Peter Gwynne Thomas had run into difficulty, and loans worth some €22m had apparently been transferred from the firm to the National Asset Management Agency.

Mr Thomas is a director of his daughter's company.

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