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Thomas anger at 'inexcusable' RTE pay

RTE presenter Kathryn Thomas has launched a blistering attack on the inflated salaries of some of her colleagues.

In an interview in the latest issue of 'Hot Press' magazine, the presenter of the 'No Frontiers' travel show and 'Winning Streak' took issue with the six-figure salaries of some RTE stars.

"I think a lot of the salaries that were paid out were unjustifiable," she said.

"I do think they have been reduced, and rightly so. I think it's more transparent now," she said.

"Whether it's big salaries or not, I think people should be paid accordingly for what they do and for what they bring in -- advertising revenue, ratings, years of service, all of that has to be taken into account, absolutely," she added. "But there definitely were salaries that were inexcusable."

The state broadcaster has not yet released the salaries for its stars for 2010 or 2011.

The latest available figures from 2009 show that RTE's highest-paid star Pat Kenny was paid €729,604.

The late Gerry Ryan earned €585,944 in 2009 and Ryan Tubridy was the third highest paid star on €519,667.

The full 'Hot Press' interview with Ms Thomas is in shops today.

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