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Saturday 24 February 2018

'This go-slow is an absolute disgrace'

Craig Duggan, Tallaght

"I've been here four hours," he said. "It's amazing that there could be a bomb scare and security didn't even clear the road outside.

"I was upstairs when staff came up and said you have to leave as there's been a bomb scare. I was at the counter and didn't get a ticket because they pushed me straight out.

"I was planning to go away tomorrow to Amsterdam for four days. If I don't get the passport I lose out on €700. The way things have gone, it doesn't look good."

Claire McDonald and Conor Maher, Kilkenny

The couple have planned a holiday in Lanzarote but feel there is little chance they will get there.

"There's not a hope," Claire said. "We're waiting anyway just to see if we'll get it. We were planning to get away for a week and now we'll lose a lot of money."

Bridget O'Neill, Baldoyle, Co Dublin

SHE was the first in the queue yesterday morning when she arrived at 3.20am with paperwork for her 14-year-old twins.

The family's plan to travel to Spain has been hindered after it emerged the children's passports were out of date.

"I didn't realise it was this bad, I didn't realise there was a go-slow since January," Ms O'Neill said. "It is an absolute disgrace for the Government, the staff, the management -- them all. They allowed all of this to go on and not notify people how bad it was."

Philip Sheridan, Killoe, Co Longford

Mr Sheridan and his wife Bridget arrived in Dublin at 10pm on Monday and made a bed in their car before starting to queue six hours later.

The Sheridans plan to travel to London this weekend with their three children. Applications for four passports were posted in the middle of February but no documentation has been received. They now risk losing the €600 they paid for their flights.

"We don't mind if we don't go but the children have never been abroad before," said Mr Sheridan.

"I think most people are supporting the Government. You are only getting people's backs up. You don't want to go back to the 1980s when there were strikes every week."

Denis Deevy, Omagh, Co Tyrone

Plans to celebrate his wife Josephine's birthday in Paris this weekend have been put on shaky ground for Mr Deevy.

"I am sure there is an easier way to sort things out. Communication with the department is impossible. I couldn't get anyone on the phone and the website tells you nothing," he said.

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