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Thirty new tech jobs for Dublin


IT workers are in big demand.

IT workers are in big demand.

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IT workers are in big demand.

Mobile technology company Accuris Networks is creating 30 new jobs in Dublin after receiving a $15m (€11.7m) investment.

The Ulster Bank Diageo venture fund and the China Ireland growth technology fund are the key new investors.

"We intend to use this funding to invest in future product development in our AccuRoam platform, to maintain our lead in connecting networks and build more solutions such as carrier-grade Wi-Fi offload and roaming as we scale our business globally," Accuris chairman Larry Quinn said.

"We particularly want to expand in China, Japan and other Asian markets," he added.

Accuris is headquartered in Dublin and already employs 30 people in the city.

It's looking to expand in the areas of development, testing, and operations and support, chief technology officer Aidan Dillon told the Irish Independent.

"When it comes to Ireland, it's really about building the products, building the software development and part of that is growing the business, which means more exports," he added,

The company has also announced the appointment of US-based Jeff Brown as its chief executive.

Mr Brown previously held an executive position at AT & T Wireless and will lead the company's plans for expansion in the US.

"We've barely scratched the surface of the opportunities here so far," Mr Brown said.

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