Saturday 25 November 2017

Things we learnt and things we didn't about CRC yesterday...

Daniel McConnell

Daniel McConnell

The CRC has been paying €666,000 a year to the Mater Hospital for managing a 'Phantom' pension fund.

Funds raised from public donations to the Friends and Supporters of CRC have been used to pay former CEO Paul Kiely's pension.

His pension is based on his salary of €242,000, which includes a €19,000 allowance, his top-up and his HSE-approved salary. As a result, he got a tax-free lump sum of €200,000 and will get an annual pension of €90,000. A €3m loan from the fundraising arm of the CRC was used to pay for his pension.

Mr Kiely resigned as a board member on November 25.

Joan Hurley, who is in day-to-day charge of the CRC, is herself still in receipt of a €32,000 top-up allowance.

Despite cuts to frontline services, the CRC has €14m in cash reserves. The committee heard €9m is allocated for a new facility in Clondalkin.


* Why has the CRC been paying "millions" to the Mater Hospital for managing this non-existent pension fund? The HSE is to come back before the PAC next week to clarify the matter.

* Was Mr Conlan in receipt of a pension from his time as CEO of the Mater while he was being paid as CEO of the CRC until his resignation last Monday?

* How did the HSE and the Department of Health allow such payments to continue for so long?

* Mr Kiely said he would consider paying back some of the unsanctioned money to the CRC. But will he do it?

* After seven members of the PAC called on the CRC board to resign, Mr Nugent said he would convene the board to consider the request. But will they bow to public pressure or ride out the storm?

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