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'They were meant to go together' - Teen sweethearts killed in crash 'had something special', funeral told


Delia Keary and Gary Kelly

Delia Keary and Gary Kelly

Delia Keary and Gary Kelly

The grandfather of a teenager who died with his girlfriend in a car crash said they "had something special" because they had found love at an early age.

Gary Kelly and Delia Keary, both 18, died on Friday when their car was involved in a collision with a truck in Co Limerick. The couple were driving to Kerry for a weekend away.

During yesterday's funeral at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Ennis, Bobby Stack told how his grandson would wait for Delia outside her school.

"Every day, Gary would come out first, then Delia would come out and they would kiss," said Mr Stack, a caretaker at Rice College where the two teenagers sat their Leaving Cert last year.

"Delia was a beautiful girl and was something special. They were meant to go together.

"Gary loved her so much. For a young lad, Gary put so much love into that woman and she returned it tenfold."


Mr Stack said when the family received Gary's clothes after the collision, they came across a card from Delia. He said Gary took it everywhere.

It read: To Gary, from the love of your life ... I can't believe I found you. I am always there for you and you are always there for me. No one in the world can make me feel this way and my love for you keeps growing more and more each day.

"For a young man and a young woman, they found love. Some people go through this life and do not know love, but my God, this fella knew what love was," said Mr Stack.

He said they were Couple Of The Year twice at Rice College, something that meant "an awful lot to them".

Many of the mourners yesterday were Gary and Delia's former classmates at Rice College and were wearing the dark blue school uniform.

Mr Stack said Gary showed love on a daily basis to his mother, Kim. "Every morning before going to work, he told [her] 'I love you'."

Mr Stack thanked the emergency services for doing everything they could to save the lives of the young couple.

"They did an excellent job. We were just unlucky," he said.

In his tribute to Gary, Fr Jerry Carey said he had asked Gary's parents what his interests were. "The answer I got was 'Delia, Delia, Delia'."

Fr Carey recalled how Gary absented himself from school one day.

After several phone calls from anxious parents, it emerged he was in Dublin with Delia because she needed an outfit for the Junior Cert disco.

Fr Carey said that the two "are wedded together forever in our memory".

Gary was laid to rest at Drumcliffe in Ennis. Mourners later attended the removal of Delia in Crusheen. Her funeral Mass was due to take place today at St Joseph's Church in Ennis.

Gary is survived by his parents, Shane and Kim, and brothers, Dylan and Ross.

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