Monday 11 December 2017

'They killed my dog and they nearly killed my son as well'

Michael Kealy from Urlingford
Michael Kealy from Urlingford

A string of break-ins cost Michael Kealy over €20,000 in stolen property and damage caused by thieves to his workshop and home last year.

The painter-decorator, from Urlingford on the Kilkenny border, eight miles from Littleton, was targeted three times between February and August last year.

After the second incident, the retired fireman bought two trained guard dogs.

Last August one of the dogs was killed when a gang used a jeep to ram his gates and pull down the steel workshop doors.

They made off with a trailer, a quad bike and construction equipment, none of which was subsequently recovered.

"As they were leaving, they tried to run my son down and he was lucky to get out of the way. People are sick of this and it is no wonder that they are thinking of taking the law into their own hands," he said.

"We tried to follow them (the robbers) and when we rang the guards they told us they were sending squad cars from four stations, but we never met one.

"I got victim's letters (from the gardaí) after each incident but they are only good for lighting the fire. They are trying to convince us that something is being done. But nothing is being done because they don't have the resources."

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